Need Pinball Repair? Call Heath!
Pinball Repair in Columbia SC

Heath Ashley has over 3 years experience repairing pinball machines. Heath has worked on fixing a variety of pinball tables, from electro-mechanical to modern Stern DMDs. He is the lead technician at the Palmetto Pinball Club which hosts 11 tables from multiple collectors throughout South Carolina. This group of local collectors all trust Heath with their pinball collection.

Heath is also the IFPA South Carolina State Pinball Champion!. The IFPA State Championhip is an intense, "Best of 7" single elimination tournament. Only the top 16 ranked players in the state were invited to participate. You can trust that Heath will repair your pinball machine like he is getting one of his own ready for a sanctioned tournament.

Heath Gets It Done!

Residential Services

Flipper Rebuilds

You should rebuild the flippers in your pinball machine every so often. This is a very intricate process that requires the right tools and a delicate hand.

Commercial Services

Electronics Troubleshooting

If you've got fuses blowing or switch error messages, Heath can track down the cause. It's probably a diode.

Emergency Services

Cleaning & Rubber Replacement

Pinball Tables can get dirty. It's important to have it cleaned regularly. Rubbers can wear and snap. They need to be replaced every so often.